We have developed creative alternatives to standard payment structures.  Several variables impact fee schedules.  Compensation should be commensurate with the results we achieve for our clients mirroring the work and risk undertaken by the Firm.

Fundamentally, each billing agreement we reach with our clients is designed to be mutually beneficial.  We are prepared to discuss a reasonable alternative fee structure.

Flat Rate

This is on of the more popular fee agreement alternative to hourly billing.  This arrangement typically involves an agreement for a fixed fee for a specific project.  This payment model is available for transactional work rather than litigation.


Clients often have a need for an “in-house counsel”.  For fixed periods of time, we can provide representation on a monthly payment amount for a generalized scope of work on issues requiring legal attention as they rise and are within specified subject areas.

Legal Risk Sharing

Not all clients have sufficient funds to hire lawyers. In an appropriate case, in return for investing some or all of our fees in the client’s matter, or for taking on unusual fee or collection risk, we earn an agreed upon percentage of company stock or an enhanced cash fee on a set of specified criteria. In these arrangements, we share in both legal fee and outcome risk.

Subscription Services

Our subscription services are tailored for startups and entrepreneurs seeking to form a business or protect an existing business.  This service provides each client with a specific set of legal services on a monthly fee where our attorneys will be available to answer questions and provide basic ongoing legal services as new issues present themselves.