Our Firm

We are trusted advisors and business lawyers with a combined 40 years of multi-disciplinary experience in corporate, securities and commercial litigation, regulatory defense, real estate, immigration and finance law. Our offices are located in Miami, Florida.

Commitment to Excellence
At the heart of InvestmentAttorneys is an undying commitment to excellence in everything we do. From the largest of cases to the tiniest of paperwork details, you can rest assured that your legal representation embodies excellence in everything we do.

Maximizing Value
While some other firms may bill needless hours to maximize their own profits, we don’t want you to needlessly part with your hard-earned money any more than you do. Here at InvestmentAttorneys we are absolutely dedicated to providing you the highest quality advice and guidance at the best
possible price.

Client Satisfaction
At larger firms, you may feel like nothing more than a dollar sign to your lawyer.  When you become a client of InvestmentAttorneys, you aren’t just a source of revenue. You become a member of our family.  We go above and beyond simply being your lawyer, adding a much-needed personal touch no matter the situation.

Steadfast Ethics
Above all else is our commitment to the fair and ethical treatment of both our clients and the law.  As lawyers and stewards of justice, we abhor corruption in any form and will never succumb to it, regardless of the form. You can rest easy knowing that your representation is entirely devoted to its ethical duty and the consistent fulfillment of such.