Small Business Services & Forms

You have a budget. We try to help you stay within it! Ask us about our pre-packaged services and forms for small businesses. The more internal structure you have, the better protected your business is from suits from shareholders, customers and employees.

  • Incorporating? Done for you.
  • Don’t know whether to form a c-corp or LLC? We help you design an entity that meets your needs.
  • Incorporated yourself already?  Use our lawyer-assisted forms package for your corporate compliance needs. Why buy a corporate kit that you never open or don’t know how to use? Why hire an online attorney you don’t meet and who never gets to know you as a person to know what your legal counseling and compliance needs are?
  • Corporate general counsel? Have us be your counsel on a monthly fee basis.
  • Registered agent? Let us be your Florida agent for a modest annual fee. Nuisance suitors will think twice if they have to go through us to get to you.
  • Buy-Sell or shareholder agreements? Yes. We customize them for your needs.
  • Tax, intellectual property, patent, copyright, trademark needs? Assigning assets to a corporate entity? We can help.
  • Appointing officers and executives? Need help preparing stock option incentives or employment agreements? Employee manuals and policies?
  • Raising capital? We have a menu of compliant private offering document options at different price points and needs. Equity, debt, preferred stock. We handle them all. From “Big Boy” letters to fully-disclosed private offering memorandums.  Blue sky services are included in our flat fees (unless you prefer hourly billing).
  • We also provide compliance reviews during the offering and post-offering.
  • Completed an offering but not sure it was cleanly executed? Ask us about our flat fee compliance audit. We come to you!
  • Going public? We can clean up your company’s balance sheet using different procedural tools to make you ready to merge or take you public through a direct registration.
  • SEC reporting company? Flat fees are available to handle all your SEC filing requirements.
  • Thinking about retirement and business succession planning? We can get you started and see you through the process.
  • Not listed above? Ask us, we have full service capabilities to meet all of your business’ legal needs.

With our deep corporate law and SEC experience, we can handle all your corporate structuring and capital raise compliance, SEC reporting, and general litigation and regulatory defense needs at a reasonable price.  We pride ourselves in standing alongside you, guiding you, and supporting you through your trek through the regulatory jungle.