Visa Planning

Visa planning is a long-term approach to the applications for immigrant and non-immigrant status with special attention to the transitions from one status to the next.  Each year the U.S. government issues visas in various classifications for entrepreneurs, investors and employers.  While the processes can be complex, careful thought and planning must be undertaken in successful applications.

At InvestmentAttorneys proper planning is a priority.  Details regarding your business, family, relocation, finances, taxes etc must be considered before significant amounts of money are invested.  See our Business and Investor Visa options for further details regarding the visas you can potentially qualify for and contact our offices for guidance and next steps.

Some of the complex documents necessary for proper planning include:

  • Securities & Exchange Commission Filings
  • Subscription Agreements
  • Business Valuation Report
  • Business Plans (at USCIS standards)
  • Marketing Plans
  • Private Placement Memorandums
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Job Descriptions
  • Operation Agreements
  • and More